Cardiff Modular Success

Project Summary

The project involves the design and installation of a permanent office building in Cardiff. As part of the initial design discussions, Loc Hire suggested the Containex Plus Line Range, renowned for its flexibility, modularity, and compliance with stringent building regulations. The office building will be fully compliant with building regulations and equipped with essential fire-rated features.

Loc Hire Cardiff Plus Line



  • Site: Cardiff
  • Project: Permanent Office Building
  • Range: Containex Plus Line Range
  • Building Regulations: Compliant with all relevant building regulations
  • Fire Safety: Equipped with fire-rated materials and systems


Building Design

The Loc Hire office building will consist of a 10-bay Plus Line specification. The floor plan dimensions are 12,233mm by 7,335mm, providing ample space for office activities. This specification includes a POD staircase, ensuring safe and easy access between floors.

The Loc Hire design will integrate an L1 Fire Alarm system that will be linked to an adjacent building, providing a high level of fire detection and safety. The L1 system is the most comprehensive category of fire alarm system, designed to detect fires at the earliest possible stage and provide the fastest response to ensure occupant safety.

Loc Hire Cardiff Plus Line Building Rear


Extras and Customisations

In addition to the standard specifications, Loc Hire’s design team accommodated several extra feature requests to enhance the functionality and comfort of the office building:

  • Onsite Installation of Additional Kitchens: Multiple kitchens will be installed throughout the office space to cater to the needs of staff, providing areas for meal preparation and breaks.
  • Onsite Installation of Floor Tiles: High-quality floor tiles will be installed to ensure a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish. This includes tiles that are both functional and contribute to the overall interior design of the office space.
  • Onsite Installation of Fire Rated Office Blinds: To complement the fire safety measures, fire-rated office blinds will be installed. These blinds will not only provide necessary shading and privacy but also enhance the building’s overall fire resistance.


Compliance and Safety

The permanent office building in Cardiff will adhere to all relevant building regulations, ensuring a safe and legally compliant workspace. Key aspects include:

  • Structural Integrity: The Containex Plus Line Range is known for its robust and reliable construction, ensuring the building’s structural integrity over its lifespan.
  • Fire Safety: The building will be constructed with fire-rated materials, including the installation of fire-rated office blinds and an L1 Fire Alarm system, significantly enhancing the safety of occupants.
  • Building Regulations: The project will be compliant with all necessary building regulations, including accessibility, environmental performance, and health and safety standards.

Loc Hire Cardiff Plus Line Building Plan


Project Implementation

  • Design Phase: Detailed planning and design work to create a layout that meets the client’s specifications and maximises the use of space.
  • Construction Phase: Efficient construction processes leveraging the modular nature of the Containex Plus Line Range, allowing for rapid assembly and installation on-site.
  • Installation of Extras: Specialised teams will handle the installation of additional kitchens, floor tiles, and fire-rated office blinds, ensuring these elements are integrated seamlessly into the overall design.



The permanent office building project in Cardiff represents a significant development designed to meet contemporary office needs with a strong emphasis on safety, compliance, and functionality. Loc Hire’s flexibility and adaptable design solutions allows us to deviate from agreed designs to assist customers with unexpected add ons, or changes as project progress though the various build stages. This Cardiff project is utilising the Containex Plus Line Range. As a result, the project will deliver a high-quality, regulation-compliant, and fire-safe office environment tailored to the specific requirements of the client.



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