With over 200 tower lights available from our main depot in Scotland, whatever size job you are working on, we can service your requirements.

From our depots in Bonnybridge, Aberdeen and Newcastle – we can service areas all over the UK.

Because quality is one of our key values here at LOC Hire, we’ve invested in the highest quality tower lights for our customers. With the LOC Hire tower lights you’ll get 340° of lights, 1000 hours of use before we’ve got to check them – and the added value that our tower lights won’t fall over, and don’t forget, a competitive rate too!

Most tower light products out there have poor foundations – and often can fall in windy conditions, or if the ground is unstable. Not with the LOC Hire tower lights. Our tower lights operate with a smart stability system. The system’s hydraulic legs notices if the conditions are too volatile, or if the tower light may fall. The system then automatically brings the light mast down – preventing any fatalities.

If you are in need of tower lights for these dark cold nights – give our friendly team a call.

Don’t forget we have a wide range of products available to hire, and if you want to find out more – you can also download our brochure here.